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This was submitted by a patient of ours who recently graduated from therapy:

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My best friend recently had a baby.  Such an exciting time for both of us, as we dreamed what our lives would be when we grew up.  Would we have one child, where would we work, and what kind of job would we be working?  She really enjoyed being pregnant, and carried very well.  Her husband even joked that she looked even more toned in the last trimester in her arms and legs.  Only one major issue was her hands were in terrible pain.  They were swollen and the pain kept her awake throughout the night.  Her doctor diagnosed her with carpal tunnel from t


Have you ever watched a child under the age of 4 pick up something from the ground?  They will squat all the way down to the floor keeping their back straight, completely bending their knees and perfectly balanced to reach what they want.  They even enjoy playing in this full squat position.  Even to pick up their glass of milk from a table that is half their height, they squat down to lift their glass.  You will never see a child bend at their hips, flexing their back to reach.  Why are adults so lazy?  Then we wonder why we have so much back pain! 

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The weather is warming up and our spring/summer shoes are coming out of the closet.  Avoid the peer pressure and fashion trends.  Your feet will thank you!  They look cute but there is no arch support or cushioning in ballet flats.  You are at increased risk of developing sesmoiditis, plantar fascitis and/or fractures.  In non medical terms, your feet will HURT.