Body Mechanics and Lower Back Pain


Have you ever watched a child under the age of 4 pick up something from the ground?  They will squat all the way down to the floor keeping their back straight, completely bending their knees and perfectly balanced to reach what they want.  They even enjoy playing in this full squat position.  Even to pick up their glass of milk from a table that is half their height, they squat down to lift their glass.  You will never see a child bend at their hips, flexing their back to reach.  Why are adults so lazy?  Then we wonder why we have so much back pain!  If you want to save your back, be sure to do as a child would and bend your knees, keeping your back straight to pick up what you dropped.  Or you can also lean forward like golfers do hinging your back leg up into the air.  Not sure what I mean?  Feel free to come by for an ergonomic screening and lesson.

Do you sit all day at work?  Be sure that your back is fully supported, possibly with a pillow or lumbar support for your lower back, your feet should be solid on the ground with whatever you are working on directly in front of you.  Do not sit longer than 30 minutes to an hour.  Get up and walk around your chair if you are working on a project that will take you longer.  Sitting for a prolonged time may increase lower back pain and your chances of disc herniation.