"I would suggest getting to know their NAMES"


This was submitted by a patient of ours who recently graduated from therapy:

 When I tore up pieces of my achilles tendon 2 1/2 years ago, I was sent for physical therapy to a very slick place with about 15 treatment tables filled with very nice people who were eager to help.  These nice people turned out to be mostly interns who worked in an aseembly line fashion with everyone all at once, moving from table to table with various apparatuses and buckets of ice.  Unfortunately, the main, experienced therapist to whom I was specifically referred by my podiatrist had very little time to work with me.  Three minutes of hands-on treatment per session was a luxury, and often that work was relegated to a well-meaning trainee.  All the comments that I had heard from friends about how physical therapy was a hustler's game with a lot of B.S and procedures that could easily be done at home started ringing in my head, yet I still persevered, trying to do what I thought was the right thing.  Besides, all the people were very nice and everyone knew your name.  Like Cheers.


Unfortunately, the pain, my limping, and my growing depression about what seemed like an emerging chronic condition for the rest of my life also persevered.  I finally fired my podiatrist, who had already wasted my time and money with new orthotics, stopped going twice a week to that very nice place where everyone knows your name, and got me a real foot and ankle specialist, one of the best in the ctiy, an M.D.  He actively (yet conservatively) tried an ascending complexity of treatments, ending in surgery, with very positive results.  But in all my work with him, it was conditional that I participate in REAL physical therapy, and his first choice throughout was that I do my physical therapy with Christine.  For a very laid back guy, he was almost pushy as he extolled the virtues of being in her care.


And he was absolutely right.  When you get treated at Gold Standard, you are not at a slick, Hollywood physical therapy set with lots of junior assistants running around.  You are there to get the work done, and the only person you work with is either Christine or Sandi.  Both of these ladies are superbly trained, very well experienced in the clinical problems they treat, and totally committed to give the patient the best one-to-one service available in this field.  They don't sell, they don't hustle, and they don't sign you up to what you do not need.  They just do the work that needs to be done, and they do it efficiently, caringly, and with complete expertise.  And they always remember your name because the work they do is completely personalized to the particular patient's needs.


My work with Christine was consistently helpful.  She explained things carefully, always monitored pain and general discomfort, and gently moved up the levels of the targeted physical activity to the point where they were most effective.  The fact that she is so personable, down to earth, natural, and so comfortable to engage with is just icing on the cake.  She is also quietly confident, proactive, and clearly knows her stuff inside out.  She doesn't try to impress you with it because she obviously doesn't need to.  I quickly saw from how she works her magic why my physician made such a point of my working with her.  And you have her all to yourself for the entire appointment.  What a difference a place makes. 


As my condition changed and as my physician tried out other treatment options, Christine provided the perfect adjunctive service.  Physical therapy is obviously an ever moving process and you want to have someone who can follow and anticipate your changing needs.  Christine is well-versed in the medical treatment of the injuries she works on, and her own goal orientation is always informed by her knowledge of those particular treatment interventions (special walking boots, lifts, PRP injections, etc.) that lie on the perimeter of the physical therapy domain.  This is where her broad clinical experience and her obvious striving to be up-to-date in her knowledge base really pay off.  She always knows just where and when to change the physical therapy regimen to accommodate new treatment considerations or changes in body dynamics.


I cannot recommend Christine and Gold Standard enough.  From everything that I've personally seen and heard about the physical therapy industry today, these ladies clearly operate at the very pinnacle of their professional field.  If you are looking for the best service available, I would suggest that you get to know their names!


Jon, Age 61