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Pilates evolved from and originated from the principles of Joseph Pilates.  The Pilates Method stretches and strengthens the whole body from the core to the extremities to improve the ease of movement.  Pilates is an excellent adjunct to physical therapy and helps improve posture, body awareness, core control and flexibility all of which help to decrease pain and improve functional mobility.  Pilates emphasizes the main principles of breathing, core control, spinal articulation, organization of the head, neck and shoulders, weight bearing and alignment of the extremities and movement integration.

At Gold Standard Physical Therapy, Pilates exercises and principles are incorporated into treatment programs of patients who require strengthening, movement re-education and neuromuscular re-education.  An exercise repertoire can consist of mat exercises, reformer or tower exercises and is individually tailored to each patients ailments or injury.

Pink Ribbon Program

The Pink Ribbon Program is a Pilates-based program for breast cancer survivors.  It is perfect for women or men following mastectomy or lymph Pilates NYCnode dissection to regain mobility and strength, and improve their quality of life.  The Pink Ribbon Program is a gentle, staged process that begins when the person is either six weeks post op, or has received clearance from their doctor to begin gentle exercise.  Successful evaluation and treatment of the person after surgery is essential for recovery and prevention of lymphedema.  Christine and Sandi both completed the Pink Ribbon Program and are Post Rehabilitation Specialists for Breast Cancer survivors.