Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics


Sport Medicine NYCAt Gold Standard Physical Therapy our goal is to provide quality care to all of our patients. To achieve this goal we provide hour, one on one treatment sessions for all patients. A licensed physical therapist conducts the entire treatment.

Our comprehensive treatment approach incorporates various manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, postural re-education, therapeutic modalities and neuromuscular re-education (balance and proprioception).

Treatment sessions are tailored to fit the needs of each patient and modified based on symptoms and level of recovery. Upon initial evaluation, we will determine your goals and work together to create an individualized treatment plan and home exercise regime.

We have experience treating a wide variety of orthopaedic and sports injuries. We treat patients with foot and ankle injuries, knee injuries, hip pathology, various spine injuries and various shoulder and elbow injuries.

 We treat patients of all ages:

  • Adolescents and young adults who may sustain sport injuries
  • Adults/weekend warriors who may sustain a repetitive stress or overuse injury
  • Elderly individuals who may slip and fall requiring balance training
  • Patients of all ages post operatively

Let us help you get back to the activities you love to do and that are necessary to perform day to day. We have experience working patient Orthopaedics New Yorkpopulations at all stages of recovery whether immediate post operatively or several months/years later. As former athletes we understand the urgency of needing to be back in the game.