If you want individual caring attention with concern for the healing process that is uniquely yours, the Gold Standard should be your choice.  At other facilities, as a patient, you have to share the attention of your therapist with other patients.  At Gold Standard, you have the ability to recover your full range of motion at a pace comfortable for you and well worth any additional costs that your medical insurance may or may not cover.  Following surgery in June for a broken fibula, I was back in heels by September.  I owe it all to Christine and Sandi, who focused on me alone during therapy.

Carol, Age 62


I visited many other physical therapy offices prior to Gold Standard and felt like I was being treated on a conveyor belt.  During my first session, Christine was fully focused and really seemed to care.  Over the course of several sessions, my initial impression was proven correct.  I found someone genuine, hard-working, always lovely to speak with and who never gives you less than what you need.  Great doctors, therapists and caregivers are very hard to find.  I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone.

Jen, Age 27


Christine and Sandi have done an outstanding job in helping me recover from broken and dislocated ankle.  As a young adult leading a very active lifestyle I was eager to get back on my feet as quickly as possible.  Following surgery their office remained in close contact with my orthopedist to safely maximize progress at each session.  Most importantly they are great professionals and have done something far more impressive than help me walk again they made a difficult situation easier by always offering a warm greeting and caring spirit.  I left each session feeling better about my progress with a smile.

Justin, Age 33


Please see our blog "I suggest getting to know their names" for this full testimonial

Jon, Age 61